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'How To Be The Perfect Disney Star' is a guide for the actors of Disney Channel, telling them the extremities of the 'do's & don'ts' to work for the company. This project is about the struggle of identity the actors battles with whilst working for the Walt Disney Company, having to choose between their own personalities and the Disney Persona the company enforces upon them. Thrusted into the spot light whilst still in adolescence, the pressures of working for such a giant company, and having to instantly be a role model for others, the actors often feel a loss of control of themselves, often leading to mental illness and/or an identity crisis when they inevitably retire. In the pieces are displayed the different rules and regulations that Disney enforce on their actors, using interviews from the actors themselves, and transcribing them into a set of rules they have to abide to. The pieces are also all self-portrait, exploring the artists curiosity with different identities they once imagined for themselves when they were younger, now fulfilling that fantasy through the project.

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