It has been 25 years since Wes Craven’s slasher sensation Scream slit its way through to our screens and cultural zeitgeist. Since then, there has been 3 more movies, with another in the making set to be released in 2022, numerous amounts of spoofs & knock offs, and even a panned Netflix TV show. But even after all these years, Scream has been able to stay relevant, with its satirical commentary on the horror whodunit genre, successful character building and the gore filled murders of course.

The Scream franchise now might seem dated and verging on ridiculous plot lines, we are looking at you Scream 4, but the original film brought back from the dead a dying genre, bringing slasher horror from the depths of campy acting and ridiculous CGI into critical acclaim, all whilst being extremely self aware and meta about its own position in the classic serial killer trope, and not afraid to poke fun at its self whilst doing so.

Scream is the perfect film to curl up on the sofa whilst eating copious amounts of popcorn that you’re meant to “share” with your friends, and laugh at poor Drew Barrymore being slaughtered in the first five minutes of the film. Someone will inevitably impersonate Ghostface and, if you’re watching with me, be thirsting over Stu (we stan Matthew Willard in this household). It is the type of film that never gets old to watch, especially if you are a horror buff like myself.

That is why for its 25th Anniversary, I wanted to honour this classic scary movie by giving a nod to its effortless 90s fashion, as well as playing on the trope of Victim vs Villain that Scream does oh so well. With 5 looks, playing with the gender roles within horror films, photographer Sofia Wilkinson-Steel captured what it was like to star in the cult classic film whilst serving face. 


Photographer: Sofia Wilkinson-Steel

Producer: Sofia Wilkinson-Steel

Stylist: Star Hannan

Hair & Make Up Artist: Ryn Zhan

Model: Thea @ Revolt models

Photo Assistants: Manny Owusu-Afram & Chloe Burgess

Stylist Assistant: Leila-Lily 

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